Monday, October 25, 2010

I know you care

Alot of things I blabbered, compiled by Eve Loli

You dont know what you mean to me, i guess it's better you never find out.
All I am gonna say is
you are the candle that keeps the room lit.
Even when you yell, i know it's cause you care.
You see, we are the same. Although you don't realize it yet.
Our innate desire to keep those we care about happy for their sake and sometimes the sake of having them around, it gives you strength and it is my weakness, still we both seek it.

you are the candle that keeps the room lit.
Even when you yell, I know it's cause you care.

please believe me when I say, it's not just another line, you are sweeter than you think.

Can't you see? it's the magic we so easily make when we are together, even if we are far No one will ever know. For it's the thing which makes us special that the world will never know.

You are the candle that keeps the room lit and even when you yell, I know it's cause you care.

It's hard for me to not say, you drive me crazy, but i will try to resist. I was a soul in pain but since you there is no more pain i can feel.

You are the candle keeping even the biggest room lit. Even if you yell i'll just kiss you cause that how i'll show i get that you care.

One Smile

Pour me the ocean, she said,
and get me the moon.
Wrap me that rainbow, you must,
and you better do that soon.

I don't need 'em all, did follow,
but that will make my day.
If that will make you happy, he said,
my darling, will do as you say!

You prolly don't need 'em all, I said,
but get 'em he just may.
To him, ocean moon & rainbow, look best,
in your lap, when they lay.

Call us all crazy, you may,
but it'll only be a while.
For, doubt me not when i tell you this,
it's funny what he'll do for that 'one smile'.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Bad!

You mess up once, you mess up twice,
its like you are just rolling an unlucky dice.
The whole thing could have been a huge mistake,
but you know, its just another excuse you are tying to make.

So you roll it one more time,
hoping this time you will utter the right line.
But i guess you will never know,
coz you have already hit your all time low.

You begin to give up on your luck,
and admit the fact that you suck!
You regret the things you said in haste,
while all you wanted was that smile on her face.

It still doesn't make anything right,
but the least you can do is put up a fight.
So you try to make up for what made her mad,
and you begin by admitting "I am a fool, my bad, my bad!"

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One Moon

You look across the room and wonder "why?",
there is only one moon in that star studded sky.
Why do we always gaze upon that moon,
when there are a million stars standing by.

That amazing charm on her face,
makes you feel like you are wasting your days.
You immidiately know that you don't stand a chance,
but you still try to plead your case.

You don't wanna miss even a single glimpse,
and somehow you notice everything she does since.
You don't wanna give her even the slightest of bother,
while all you wanna do is give her those little hints.

You try to think of a nice first word to say,
but all you end up uttering is that cliched word 'Hey!'.
And right then this little escapade hits a dead end,
when she looks back at you in the most dejected way.

So you find the answer to that question you asked"why?",
and why is it always called the moonlit sky?
It's cause you can gaze upon all the stars you want,
but it's always that smiling moon that gives you that high.

For a bachelor guy, this is a usual story,
and for the married ones, well I haven't yet had that glory.
But I found a moral and so I quote,
"Stick to that one moon you found, and you will never be sorry!!"

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's all about her!

I heard this line somewhere and its simplicity and truth just struck me. So i thought about it more and wrote while i was thinking. The more i thought the more i agreed with this statement "It's all about her!"

All those stars that you gaze,
while feeling the cool breeze in your face.
Enjoying the nature you may say,
but deep within your heart, its all about her.

All the songs that you play,
and all the pictures that you save.
You are hoping no one would ever tell you this,
cause you know- its all about her.

Going to bed early, or staying in it all day.
Asking "how are you girly?" or just wishing for her to stay.

She sometimes tells you what to do,
while othertimes, just expects you to know.
Intentionally you would never wanna hurt her,
but then one day, she would just let you go.

You fight, you cry, you plea, you sigh,
and sometimes you may even ask yourself why?
But there is something special about this girl,
that you dont care even if you have to die.

Your mother, sister, girlfriend or wife,
they have all played that role at some point in your life.
So if you do try and reason it all,
you will know that It's all about her.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Secretly shared

you might wanna make it right, (A)
there are things you wanna paint white. (A)
but its the funny thing about life,(A)
not everyone gets to reach that height. (A)

i am wondering what actually might be an apt thing to write about,(A)
but then i begin to wonder if there is any.(B)
sometimes you just wanna pour your heart out, (A)
and again you realize that not everyone can be that canny.(B)

give up everything you have,(A)
and run for everything you want.(B)
cause there are only so many things you can do,(C)
without a consequence which tags along to haunt.(B)

upon reading what you managed to write, (A)
you try to seek some kind of accomplishment.(B)
And alas! you ended up using all different kind of rhymes,(C)
with this one being the last one...or rather...without one!!(D)

PS: this actually has a hidden meaning to it, but as is always with me...i have done my best not to reveal it ;). For the people interested in the literal side of it, i have mentioned the rhymes alongside every

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Random Crap!

Its just that I had too much going on in my head and I chose writing as the means to vent it out. And since there was no way of making it any good, I decided to put it just the way it was (crapy)!

Some random lines I wrote....

Crowded with people, yet so lonely
Shrouded with concerns, yet so free.
hating the fact of having to write this,
yet so glad to be able to!

No one likes to miss anyone so much,
yet everyone wants someone to miss them like hell.

I wish every step I took was towards you,
I wish every breath I took was with you.
If I had one day to do anything I please,
all I would want is be with you!